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  • "Mosbugroaches" is empowering millions of children everywhere in the world with the right knowledge and the vital information they need to defeat preventable diseases and lead a healthy life.



    The "Mosbugroaches" project comprises a storybook, short animated series, and apps & games suite that teach children and the whole family the importance of MAINTAINING PERSONAL HYGIENE AND PREVENTION OF DISEASES through THE EYES OF A LITTLE GIRL.


    The word "Mosbugroaches" is formed from mosquitoes, bedbugs, rats, lice, houseflies, and cockroaches – the household disease carriers.


  • With Mosbugroaches, we are...

  • giving power to the children, and the resources they need to defeat preventable diseases

    putting the children at the center as both actors and stakeholders in the fight against communicable and viral diseases

    helping children to learn the rudiments of healthy living, as well as empowering them to be influencers in their homes and communities.

  • Other Language Editions in the Works

  • In addition to the above language editions, our backers get to choose any other (available) language edition they want their copies of the "Mosbugroaches" book to come in, as explained below.

  • Stretched Goals

    Our stretched Goals give our backers' community the opportunity to decide which three (3) additional language editions they want the "Mosbugroaches" book to come in through a popular vote.

    Direct support

    Our reward tiers in the Brand & Corporate category give our backers an exclusive opportunity to choose which language edition they want their copies of "Mosbugroaches" book printed in.
  • Tie-in Products & Awareness Kits

    Stainless Aluminum

    Water Bottle

    Stainless Steel

    Travel Mug



    Aluminum Bookmark





  • Funding GOAL


  • Our desire is to put the storybook “Mosbugroaches” in the hand of every child in the world, but this can only be achieved if we get funded.










  • With adequate funding, every child from low-income families can get a copy of this book at a significantly subsidized cost, while some book donations will be given to children in select poor rural areas across the world.


    We need your help to get “Mosbugroaches” book to every child. It starts here.






  • Kick Out Malaria - Game 1


  • Kick Out Malaria is part of the "MOSBUGROACHES" apps and games suite being developed to help children adopt a healthy lifestyle for their well-being and embrace positive attitudes towards tackling environmental pollution for the common good.

    This release is for testing purposes. See the links below for available OS/platform versions.
  • HTML5

    Browser-based Version

  • NOTE: You may need to zoom out your browser tab to 50% to have a better view.
  • Windows 10 Versions

    32/64-Bit Windows NSIS Installer & Click-and-Play Packages

  • NOTE: The installer/click-and-play file is in .zip format to be extracted.
  • Game instructions:

    Use the Arrow/Navigation keys to move the player around the scene and the Spacebar key to pick/drop items in the scene and to disengage the NPCs (non-player characters. i.e. the three smaller trash cans) after dropping the right item in each NPC.
  • Kick Out Malaria - Game Demo Video

  • Rewards Tiers

    Brand & Corporate Promotional Packages




    If you support "Mosbugroaches" project with $1,375 (or equivalent in your preferred currency) or more, you get:

    1. 50 hardcover copies of ‘Mosbugroaches’ English edition
    2. ‘Mosbugroaches’ Starter Award + Certificate of Recognition.


    If you support "Mosbugroaches" project with $2,615 (or equivalent in your preferred currency) or more, you get:

    1. 100 hardcover copies of ‘Mosbugroaches’ English edition
    2. ‘Mosbugroaches’ Standard Award + Certificate of Recognition.






    If you support "Mosbugroaches" project with $5,000 (or equivalent in your preferred currency) or more, you get:

    1. 20 ‘Mosbugroaches’ Good Health Awareness kits* donated to any children’s organization OR (available) location of your choice in the world.
    2. Pictures of children receiving the kits and hand-written thank you note from the recipients.
    3. ‘Mosbugroaches’ Hero Award + Certificate of Recognition.
    4. Rights to use ‘Mosbugroaches’ pictures (made available to you) on your corporate website.


    *Each kit contains:

    • 1x ‘Mosbugroaches’ hardcover book printed in the official language of your chosen location with your brand/corporate name (donated by: YOUR NAME) printed on the front cover (size: 1x1.5 inches; position: lower right side).
    • 1x ‘Mosbugroaches’ customized children’s t-shirt.
    • 1x ‘Mosbugroaches’ customized drawstring bag.
    • 1x ‘Mosbugroaches’ customized stainless aluminium water bottle.
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  • Creators

    Chief Inspiration Officer

    Jemimah provides lots of drive and inspiration for this project.


    "Mosbugroaches" was born out of a deep desire to see our child - Jemimah, and million others, live in a world free from diseases - a world where she can grow up to fulfill her dreams.

    Chief Executive Officer

    Rebecca held a position as Admin. Officer at a social enterprise working for children. She co-authored many children’s titles that cut across the various stages of children’s development. She also co-founded a startup advancing youth entrepreneurship and empowerment. She is a great mom and loves keeping fit.

    Creative Director

    Paul worked in K-12 settings for 8 years. He is the author of over 20 children’s titles, some of which have been adopted for use in public schools. He garnered relevant experiences in the printing industry as a quality control officer while working with a contractor that produced the works of some of the best authors in Africa.

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    If you have any related questions, please send us a message.

    Mailing Address:
    16192 Coastal Highway
    Lewes, Delaware 19958
    +1 (347) 6900192
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